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What is creativity?

My name is Marion Corrales, I am a French musical artist based in Paris. I learned physical theater in New York University Tisch School of Performance, and movement art therapy (Life Art Process®), in San Francisco. I think that creativity is a human right that can help us to live in a better world, and I will help you wake it up.

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If your body could talk, what would it say? 

I believe in the collective intelligence, and I am passionate about what can emerge from a group of people. Opening a space for an exploration of a new territory, through workshops, talks, trainings, courses, allows people to connect differently and discover their creative potential. Bringing voice to your body, breathing, posture, you will feel differently. Your perception and imagination change, and suddenly everything is new.

Sentier dans les bois

Strip the world of

its stubborn foreignness

and adapt it to our needs.

G.W.F. Hegel (1770−1831)

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